TQI’s Customer Care Program

We always want to know how we can help you with your property. But we also want to keep you informed about things like timely lawn care and sprinkler system maintenance. That’s why we’re introducing an exciting new service in addition to our quarterly newsletter: Customer Care Alerts.

Customer Care Alerts are email notices sent to our customers with time-sensitive information about your lawn. You'll learn what to look for with different weather conditions. You'll understand what to expect from us regarding application schedules. And you’ll know when to schedule startup and shutdown sprinkler service.

Customer Care Alerts allow us to communicate with you between newsletter editions. We’ll tell you what the best service is for your lawn based on current conditions, and you'll get the information when you need to know it: immediately.

To sign up, just enter your e-mail address and company name below and click “submit.” And you’ll soon be getting our quarterly newsletter and timely Customer Care Alerts sent to your inbox.